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Regional funding database

New BIC search tool for regional funding for bio-based projects: how to access it?
BIC commissioned a research project on regional funding opportunities for bio-based projects. The main deliverable of this project is a BIC funding database for (initially) 35 regions. In order to access the database, you can use our search tool HERE

European regions invited to participate in SIRA 2030 consultation

We strongly encourage European regions participating in the platform to contribute to the public consultation on SIRA 2030. A broader role for regions is envisaged in the next public-private partnership for the bio-based industries and your input will be crucial in defining the scope of your involvement. 

The emerging bio-based industries sector, coordinated by the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), is cooperating with the European Commission to create a new public-private partnership under Horizon Europe. The objective is to build on and expand on the achievements of the existing Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU).

The SIRA2030 sets out the main technological and innovation challenges to establish a sustainable and competitive bio-based industry in Europe:

  1. Creating new business models to integrate strategic partners: primary and market sectors.
  2. Accelerating the commercialisation of sustainable solutions in a circular bioeconomy.
  3. Establishing carbon-neutral operations to mitigate climate change.
  4. Establishing new purchasing and consumption patterns for a circular bio-society.

It also reflects the Vision ‘The circular bio-society in 2050’ and forms the basis for the new PPP. The SIRA2030 is a roadmap towards realising the ambitions of that Vision with milestones for 2030.

Draft SIRA 2030

You will find the draft SIRA 2030 here. This process towards achieving this draft has been coordinated by BIC, with input from actors from the bio-based sector, including BIC members and associations that support the Vision “The circular bio-society in 2050. The European Commission is also reviewing the draft in parallel to the public consultation.

The main changes from the SIRA 2020 include the introduction of end markets (consumers, society at large) into the priorities, a better incorporation of primary sectors in the design of value chains, the increasing role and impact of digitalisation, and the circularity of bio-based value chains. 

The public consultation

All relevant stakeholders and society are invited to contribute to the development of the SIRA2030 by participating in a public consultation on the SIRA2030. 

You can participate in the consultation here until 30th April. 

Report on the public consultation

BIC will compile the results of this consultation on an anonymous basis in a report which will be published on its website.

More than 40 European regions from across more than 20 countries are participating in the platform

More than 45 European regions from across more than 20 countries are participating in the platform.

A full list of participating regions can be consulted here.


BIC platform officially suppported by the European Committee of Regions

This plaform has received express support from the CoR and "is in line with the position of the CoR which has been working on the bioeconomy, raising awareness and strengthening the local and regional dimension for the past years. The CoR has also stated that platforms such as the Bio-Based Industries Consortium, able to maximise the potential of the findings and knowledge acquired and to combine local and regional initiatives, can promote bioeconomy processes effectively."

BIC continues to collaborate with the CoR and intends to jointly launch the platform externally. More information will follow. 

Who are BIC's 240 + industry members?

BIC represents more than 240 industry members including more than 40 large companies and 160 SMEs (of which 120 are represented by 17 SME Clusters). All direct BIC industry members i.e. large companies, SMEs and SME Cluster secretariats are granted access to the BIC bioceconomy platform. 

A current list of BIC industry members can be consulted here:

Platform now live and fully functional for European regions and the bio-based industry

This new digital partnering platform to connect European regions and BIC members is now fully functional and has been launched internally amongst BIC industry members and European regions. Both industries and regions can begin using the platform to find their ideal partner.

Pitching, search, filter, make contact and find your right partner

BIC industry members and regions can use the platform's functionalities to search, filter and find the right partner and make first contact via the platform. Both industry and regions can also pitch and express an interest in current BBI calls. 

What's visible in bio-based industry profiles?

  • Sectors operating in
  • Offer to regions e.g. feedstock to commercialise or develop pilot plants, etc.
  • Target market sectors
  • Feedstocks currently in use
  • Feedstocks looking to use
  • BBI JU project participation
  • BBI JU calls applied for
  • Biorefineries in Europe

What's visible in European regions profiles?

  • Bio-based investment priorities/Smart Specialisation Strategies in place
  • Existence of a regional bioeconomy strategy
  • Financial incentives for bio-based investment
  • Feedstocks present in region
  • Industry sectors regions are seeking investment from
  • Skills & competencies

Almost 50 European regions are participating in the platform. You can consult a full list of the participating regions here

In case you need support...

Please contact Ben Kennard, BIC Communications & Stakeholder Relations Manager at If you experience any issues using the platform or have a comment to share about your experience with the platform, 

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