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European regions invited to participate in SIRA 2030 consultation

We strongly encourage European regions participating in the platform to contribute to the public consultation on SIRA 2030. A broader role for regions is envisaged in the next public-private partnership for the bio-based industries and your input will be crucial in defining the scope of your involvement. 

The emerging bio-based industries sector, coordinated by the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), is cooperating with the European Commission to create a new public-private partnership under Horizon Europe. The objective is to build on and expand on the achievements of the existing Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU).

The SIRA2030 sets out the main technological and innovation challenges to establish a sustainable and competitive bio-based industry in Europe:

  1. Creating new business models to integrate strategic partners: primary and market sectors.
  2. Accelerating the commercialisation of sustainable solutions in a circular bioeconomy.
  3. Establishing carbon-neutral operations to mitigate climate change.
  4. Establishing new purchasing and consumption patterns for a circular bio-society.

It also reflects the Vision ‘The circular bio-society in 2050’ and forms the basis for the new PPP. The SIRA2030 is a roadmap towards realising the ambitions of that Vision with milestones for 2030.

Draft SIRA 2030

You will find the draft SIRA 2030 here. This process towards achieving this draft has been coordinated by BIC, with input from actors from the bio-based sector, including BIC members and associations that support the Vision “The circular bio-society in 2050. The European Commission is also reviewing the draft in parallel to the public consultation.

The main changes from the SIRA 2020 include the introduction of end markets (consumers, society at large) into the priorities, a better incorporation of primary sectors in the design of value chains, the increasing role and impact of digitalisation, and the circularity of bio-based value chains. 

The public consultation

All relevant stakeholders and society are invited to contribute to the development of the SIRA2030 by participating in a public consultation on the SIRA2030. 

You can participate in the consultation here until 30th April. 

Report on the public consultation

BIC will compile the results of this consultation on an anonymous basis in a report which will be published on its website.

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