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Creating local value chains and facilitating access to finance –

New BIC search tool for regional funding for bio-based projects   

Since its foundation, BIC cooperates and connects with regions in various ways and given the importance of regions to foster the bioeconomy. A BIC key objective is to bridge the gap between bio-based investment opportunities and financial incentives at regional level.

In key milestone in reaching that objective, BIC launched a new platform to better connect industry members with European regions. The digital platform focuses on creating local value chains and access to finance, helping regions and industry to make contact based on mutual interest.

In order to ensure complementarity and synergies with the BIC regional platform, BIC commissioned a research project on the regional funding opportunities for bio-based projects. An added value of the database is also to facilitate peer learning and policy exchange between the regional members of the bioeconomy platform.

The main deliverable of this project is the new BIC funding database for (initially) 35 regions. To access the database, we make now available a search tool for funding opportunities.   

Key points to pay attention to when using the search tool

  • The database currently includes data collected by March 2022.
  • Data was collected from the regions (direct contact, interview, desk research)
  • Focus is only on funding for advanced projects in the bioeconomy (at least TRL 7 – demonstration in operational environment or higher)
  • Funding data is subject to change, hence we advise to directly contact a region e.g. to further validate the eligibility of your project for funding. The search results will also display a regional contact point (if specified by the region).
  • BIC will up-date the database twice a year. The next up-date is in September 2022.
  • On your left side, four filters can be used to conduct the search (countries, type of instrument, bio-based feedstock, bio-based products). There is also a keyword search option. You also can select multiple countries.
  • For further information on the BIC search tool and/or the BIC regional funding platform, please contact:

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